Craptions Classics September 16, 2006

Selling tickets to see the Iraq war turned out to be a bad idea.


Other Craptions

Pierre knew his cover was blown. No American would wear a beret, no matter how patriotic.


The crowd was devastated. Sylvester Stallone was singing the national anthem and there was nothing they could do.

Linux fan

No one could explain it, but the halftime show was just a referee masturbating for some reason.

Senor Taco

The American soccer fans were stunned: Ten minutes into the game and the score was still


The shocking realization of what they had done with each other the previous night was too much for the siblings to hide.

Inc. Est.

The American water polo fans react in horror as they watch the Canadian Water Polo Team's horses drown.


The audience was dismayed to witness the US Mens Synchronized Swimming Team discard all pretenses and begin performing sweet gay love in the pool.


As a last resort, beatboxing was introduced to bring a younger, hipper image to white supremecy.


America decided to choose whether to back out of iraq by playing tennis with an explosive ball. George Bush vs Osama Bin Laden! While the crowd watches in awe


The crowd waits as Winona Ryder prepares to do her "Ping Pong Ball Trick."


again to no very great surprise the scottish football team being the laughing stcok of europe had destroyed the americans

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