Craptions Classics September 15, 2006

"Only one to go," the ostrich turner said to himself.

Linux fan

Other Craptions

"Behold! Ladies and Gentlemen... nothing up my ostrich...."

Terrible Childhood

Harry Potter and the Magical Emu was a dissapointing way to end the series.


Joust training grounds!


Best. Hand puppet. Ever.


"Don't you see? Soylent Green... is OSTRICH!"


This was the last image of Greg before the Ostriches took out the camera man and him.


For a moment, John pondered whether ostrich piercing would take off and make him the millionaire ostrich farmer he always dreamed of becoming.

Johnny Hard On

The glue had to work. His uncle must never know.

John Cheese

"In this leg of the race, teams will have to choose between 'Stretch It' or 'Eat It'. "


Billy, the blue Power Ranger was in a predicament. His only option was MORPHIN' TIME!!


Lucy sighed. She had just finished talking about how she hated humans and she could tell from the look in Tim's eye that there was one standing right behind her.


Dad, get the Gomco Clamp. I found the Jewish one.


After years of beatings, Meanrock Destructotron found his place as an ostrich farmer.


Oh yeah? Well the new Final Fantasy XVIII's gonna have 4D-live-scanned hi-res ostriches in it, Captain Anus! It's gonna rule, Dick Holster!

Butt Pirate
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