Craptions Classics September 14, 2006

Harold was the clear winner of Akron's annual pie eating contest, having eaten sixteen pies and both his opponents.

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Other Craptions

Being socially akward, Bill chooses the wrong reaction to the Ferris Wheel accident.


The first, and last, baby eating contest in Ohio!

no one

Things were going great in Akron, Ohio, until Walter decided to open the Ark of the Covenant.

Senor Taco

Hank celebrates his daughter's first period.


The pies strike back with a face-eating contest


The little girl cried out in horror. When she had suggested they play Lion King. She had no idea that her father was going to kill a zebra with his bare hands and make the family eat from it.

Oh you like it.

Akron, Ohio...home of the "Bobbing for Kidneys" competition.


Dick Cheney wins another hunting competition.


Having misplaced his surgical instruments, Dr. Dan successfully completes the first triple-bypass surgery using only his face.

Marcus Darcus

"And what do you call this act?"

"The Aristocrats!"

Duck Butter

Jill gaped in horror as she realised her mistake. Unlike the zombies in Racoon City, the undead of Akron were filled with exuberance after a shotgun blast to the face.

Claire Redfield

its a boy....!!!!!!!!!!


Dave liked ketchup on his Hot Dogs.
Dave liked ketchup on his Burgers.
Dave liked ketchup smeared all over his face.
Dave was one of those people who you just didn't talk to.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for human spleen!


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