Craptions Classics September 10, 2006

As they shoved their arms up his rectum, the policemen smiled to themselves. Now it was the protester who was a puppet of the government.


Other Craptions

Due to budget costraints, San Francisco SWAT are forced use the homeless as battering rams during a crisis.

Baron Landscape

In Eastern Europe, all medical needs, including prostate exams, are covered by the state.

le douche

"This is going to be so awesome" said Officer Dave, as they pulled Spring-mans lower half further back.


Jim's torso was transported seperately for security reasons.


"Okay, now make a wish and whoever gets the bigger part has their wish come true."


It was hard enough for Barry and Larry to convince the police force to hire two out of three Siamese triplets. Telling them about Harry's narcolepsy would have only made it harder.

johnny karate

while protesters were being dragged off most of the media focused on the man putting on lightsaber demonstrations.


The cops didn't realise that arresting protesters at the gay pride rally was exactly what they wanted them to do.


After tripping over a sperm puddle and steping on a dead prostitute there was only one way Steve's day could get any worse ...


The Mark IV's invariably wore out faster than all the other police battering rams.

Danny Boy

The LAPD's ingenious Captain O'Shea is widely credited with averting full scale riots during the city's 1997 white supremacist rally by instituting mandatory "airplane rides" for all present.


NBC was clearly running out of ideas after releasing "Law and Order: Body Cavity Unit".


Hes mine...give me him you bitch...fuk you moron what are you goign to do, hit me with your stick?


"Out of the way! This man needs new pants!"

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