Craptions Classics February 13, 2006

Moses could be a real bastard when he was drunk

some guy

Other Craptions

After going twelve episodes with neither survivors or winners, many began to wonder if Japan's version of Fear Factor had missed the point.


It had finally been proven: you can dig all the way to China. But alas, no one would ever know.

That guy

'Hold on just a minute. If I buried you, then how did you bury me?'


The shark was excited. He had never been to a drive-through before.

Linux fan

Maybe we should have just cleaned our rooms like Mom asked...

me not you

Suki was starting to worry. It had only been ten minutes since she last ate.


"It's times like this I wish I had a body."

Joe Pants

I've always hated you.

Sir Boltagon

Betty simeltaneously faced her fears of waves, burial and clones.

Mister Blister

Zaphod agreed with himself that engaging the Improbability Drive didn't always result in humourous consequences.

Chab Gassie

Man my vagina is itchy.

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