Craptions Classics September 09, 2006

I have bad news.
^ ^
o o
Ran under my
Please scrape off whats yours.


Other Craptions

They waited for weeks, yet nobody claimed a single glove. They didn't suspect that was because the kitten had killed them, and taken thier gloves as trophies.


the kitten decoy was a huge success. Nobody noticed the extensive pot farm.

oooh boy

obviously spelling out the word cat would have been far too much trouble...

billy bongwater

Puss in boots' less popular half brother puss in gloves.


My pussy is a snatch as well


After thieving the gloves, blaming it on the cat, and defecating in each of them, Gary hid in the bushes waiting for someone to try them on.

Pork Sword

Ironically, the cat was found hung the next day by the same line......


You know it's been a good bachelor party when you wake up as a cat under suspicion of theft.


Disappointed with the Kitten-Glove hyrbid, Dr. Watley hung it on the line with the rest of his failed experiments.


While lying on the sidewalk in a busy street to take a picture of his cat Jimmy realized what a fucking illiterate loser he is.


If my paws were as deformed-looking as that, I'd want to wear gloves too.

Empty can

One of these things is not like the others.


"This is much more fun than doing it in their shoes", thought Bitsy


Finally the experiment was a success, they had managed to put a cats head on just 2 legs!

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