Craptions Classics September 08, 2006

Once again Allan found himself in a huge pickle with no real way of getting out


Other Craptions

In the rush to increase crop yields, the mental health of genetically modified vegetables is often overlooked.


You know its been a good batchelor's party when you wake up in a pickle suit with a fire hydrant rammed 8" up your ass.


2 hour parking.
No. Parking any time.
Yet the car was towed.
This puzzled Steve.


"Dude, where's my jar?"


Larry was fired from Veggie Tales after it was discovered he was used as a sex toy in a porno years before....

Rat Boy

As he absentmindedly chewed on the arm of the policeman who wrote him a parking ticket, Pete the Pickle wondered if this violated his parole.

Linux fan

NO! I said I wanted an actor that was oppressed and fickle!


still think your job sucks?


He always wanted his own cooking show, until he had to chop up his cousin.


Seconds later, when water pressure caused the fire hydrant to explode, the residents of Augustus Street would have a horrific accident on their hands, as well as a refreshing treat.


This is why you dont get viagra off the internet.


"Gumby doesn't love me anymore!"

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