Craptions Classics September 07, 2006

Spruce laughed triumphantly. The two other trees ahead of him were still using their training humans.


Other Craptions

"Lemon lemon lemon," whispered Kang to his pet tree. Unfortunately, the tree only spoke Mandarin.


China launches their Photosynthesis powered scooters in response to rising oil costs


The common Thai man only loses his thick, bushy tail a few years after adult hood.

Dale Male Flail McHail

The tree in front pressed Its feet into the Asian's sides."Faster Hiromu they're gaining on us!"

\happy Noodle Boy

"My other bike is a sequoia"


Orange safety vests are required by law for bicyclists in asia.


The spin off of the hit show Orange County Choppers, Orange County Choppers Asiantown lost something in translation .


That's when Chen realized that the man on the blue motorcycle wasn't trying to scare him... he was trying to warn him of the murderer in the back seat.

mr dude

Haha! I didn't say 'Simon says'! You all lose!

Linux fan

Yen looked confused for a second and then swore. He'd hit the front of the picture again. This was the last time he took advice from a tree.


The tree-tailed asian is a rare sighting. Seeing this many of them at once is almost unheard of.

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