Craptions Classics September 05, 2006

Nazi Youth Camp: The boy on the left attempts the Swastika Dive.

Herr Heimler

Other Craptions

Disliking confined spaces, Max tried to karate chop his way out of the photo.

Linux fan

On his first trip to the lake, a young Jesus is about to painfully discover that his water walking ability has some down sides.


The girls had secretly decided how to select their mates.
As they jumped, only steve noticed the pihranas.


In the year 2021 Teleportation is a household word for the cruelest way to wake someone up.


Disappointed with humanity's lack of progress, God began drowning people four at a time.

Tollbooth Willy, Jr.

As the days grow colder, the Northeastern Caucasian often flies South for the winter.


Billy froze. The lake was back.


suddenly and without warning, steve's chest penis became fully aroused

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