Craptions Classics September 04, 2006

"Gentlemen. I appologize, but Microsoft Excel keeps locking up on me. So if you'll take a look out the window I've constructed a human pie chart."


Other Craptions

The new cloning device allowed scientists to answer age-old questions. For example, who would win in a fight: an army of linebackers, or an army of Gilligans?

Jifted Kid

Peter Jackson's Chess


Blue Shirt, Red Neckerchief and white hat? The fashion police just couldn’t let this one slide.


The rioting riot police were quickly subdued by their mothers.

Linux fan

Chaos descended rapidly at the Spy vs Spy convention.


The fighting abruptly ceased as Michael Jacksons 'Black or White' was played over the PA.


If every kid really did grow up to be a cowboy or an astronaut...


Halftime show at the Othello Championship.


The negro Pac-Man struck in the nick of time, eating the ghost while he was flashing blue and white.


The black army and the white army finally decided to work together. That rebel with the blue scarf had to be stopped, at all costs.


it was only tuesday evening and Jim was trippin balls.


Ever the optimist, Jenkins felt that cleaning visors would improve the situation.


German troops invade France.

John Law

It was as if a million voices cried out 'I smell bacon' and were suddenly silenced.

Raging Bullshit
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