Craptions Classics September 02, 2006

...But other than that, rugby and football are pretty much the same.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Other Craptions

Timmy, because of his grotesque ugliness, was always bullied by the other llamas.

What is delicious?

Very funny, but we can't put your son on the kidney transplant list until you tell us what actually happened.


The coach's practice drills never made any sense.


And suddenly the Gypsy curse made all too much sense.


The Easter Bunny was known to be mischievous.
The Easter Llama was just a bit of a cunt.


We have the technology. We can rebuild him. Stronger. Faster. Fwuffier.

Chuck Vanderbilt...spells like a retard

Billy's success as a quarterback was hampered by his insistence on carrying his 'lucky llama'.


The assassination attempt on young billy’s life was flawed from the beginning.


As Llama Steve made the tackle, he looked up and realized his father had made it to the big game after all.


"Hi Dave, it's me, Lemmy! What are you doing out here with OTHER kids? Let's just go home."

"My Dad says you're not REAL!"

Toast man

There was nothing in the rulebook about half the team's players being trampled by their opponents' mascot, so the result stood.

Linux fan

On September 5th, 2006, the pinatas took their revenge.


Due to discrimination laws, the rugby teams at the local schools were getting more and more diverse.


future England Forward in the making

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