Craptions Classics September 01, 2006

"Shit, I dropped the flag."


Other Craptions

"Dammit. I can STILL hear that Nickelback concert."

Clearasil Messiah

The Hide & Seek Championship Finalists.


"Hmm... well, I guess if I had to kill someone, I'd take them to the top of a mountain so that no one would find out. Why do you ask?"


" What? I can't hear you! What do you mean 'the guy with the camera is higher'? WHAT guy with a camera?"

Silly Billy

John smiled. This was going to be the best crowd dive ever


"Ah, Evans. I've been expecting you."


"I'm telling you, all professional mountaineers do it. Now take off your pants."


He's cool, he's suave, and he's gullible as hell! Sundays at 7, watch LARRY ALLDEN, EXTREME PIZZA DELIVERY MAN, the new comedy from NBC.


Some parties are more concerned about the rising sea level than others.


All clear? Ok, A black guy walks into a bar....

Mr Coyote To You.

Mido was exiled in Nepal. Meena in India. This was the closest they would ever get to each other.

Toast man

RIAA investigating reports of illegal downloading.

Name Witheld

"... actually, Mount Everest is over there.


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