Craptions Classics August 30, 2006

The live action movie version of Shrek fucking sucked.


Other Craptions

"Thanks for painting the roof magic donkey. Now we have plenty of time to go start fires. Here. You can borrow my lighter."


Here we see the rare Pink Footed Northern Ass next to a more common Lard Ass.


the donkey still remembered last night; the booze, the make-up, the pain, he wasn't going to fall for the carrot trick again.


The pinata had wished that he would become a real donkey, but the Black & Green Fairy could only do so much with half a magic wand.


"Here Thomas, eat another Tootsie Roll."

"This is going to be the best pinata ever."


Harold began training his donkey for those long and lonely nights when his wife was away.


As you can see from bills antlers, his parents liked having sex with animals... and who was he to stop tradition


This is gonna be the BEST PROM EVER!!!!


Yet more proof that homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom. Oh, and the donkey is gay, too.

Silly Billy
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