Craptions Classics August 29, 2006

Excellent, thought the poster of Ray Charles. With this portal open, the third dimension will be MINE!


Other Craptions

Incensed at the MC Hammer tribute band for telling him he "can't touch this", Stan goes nuts and starts touching everything in sight.


In order to get his wife to shut the hell up Bruce tried to transfer his wifes bitchyness to the guy with the yellow hat.


Irene always made the cutest noises when someone dislocated her shoulder.

Linux fan

Craption images made in America were never quite as sucessful as their Asian counterparts.


So, Kim Jong Il would have been an accordian player had he been born black. Amazing.


When they realized that wasn't an actual black man on stage, but a picture of one, the croud went crazy.


The best fishermen always utilise their skills on the dance floor


The 3rd annual Ray Charles bukkake festival was underway, but Jane would need some moral support as she positioned herself for the day's first facial.

they call me tim?

"John, I love your ass too but do you really need the sticker to tell everyone?"


"Sylvia! The cop in the blue dress is back! Give me the stash, I'll hide it in that guy's hat!"

Pro Card

The man in the yellow hat looked away to hide his tears. Curious George was about to become a man.


omg I know that guy, that's Liam Roach's dad, and he's a major in the military lmao

UGly Bob

Yet another Cruisin' Country Jamboree was ruined when the opening act broke into a rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Senor Taco

Weekend At Bernies III: Now he just fucking stinks.

sofa project
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