Craptions Classics August 27, 2006

Orgies don't just start themselves.


Other Craptions

Jiang was livid. He had finally mastered the potty, but he couldnt find his parents anywhere.


Years later, the man from the Tiananmen Square photo is just as defiant.

Dan the Goose

With the crowd distracted by the half-naked asian, the police continued to sodomize Barney the Dinosaur.


The leader of China's latest Boxer Rebellion


"You shall not pass!"


As Chen oversaw the results of his actions, his invisibility potion wore off, thereby concluding the greatest hour of his life.

Mike Zane

Cheng slowly looked around him. Apparently, the teleportation toilet was a success.


Chen began the slow walk away from the disaster site, remaining as casual as possible. Nobody ever suspected a man in his underpants. Nobody.


"No more oppressive communist regime! Now Chang does what Chang wants to do!"


Even though the police, the millitary, and Japan's greatest scientists had failed to stop the giant monster; Uncle Shin was determined to make Godzilla his bitch.


At first, they thought Yin was here to join the protest. Turns out he was just drunk.


Zhang Yoakun decides to challenge the popular myth that all asians are small-breasted.


Wong finally figured out how to get some personal space in Japan's crowded public transit system.


"I told you i could" replied Fyung Lee as he slayed the duck with his penis.

The war was finally over.

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