Craptions Classics August 26, 2006

Bondage Man was never a very effective superhero.


Other Craptions

Another slave abandoned, thought Maureen as she undid the knots. When will people realise a gimp is for life, not just for Christmas?

Typo Free El G

It was, admittedly, a lousy time to forget the safeword.

Saint Joe

Little by little. One by One. The Village People were going down.

AKA the Fortress

As he become progressively embarrassed, Calvin decided to start the next argument at home.


Jim smiled. He could totally see through the blindfold.


Now that I have your attention sir....Have accepted JESUS into your heart?


Jeff the Biker still believed he was so badass he could beat the little old lady with both hands tied behind his back, one leg immobilized, and blindfolded. He had bet his chopper on it.

Ugly Bob

When goth weirdos are making trouble in suburbia, they are caught and released back into their natural habitat.


"...And now to reveal who the Latex Ghost REALLY is......Artie the bartender?!"

"And I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"


Juxtaposed against the woman's shoes, the bound freak didn't actually seem all that bizarre at all.

Dale Male Flail McHail

The San Francisco meter maids don't take a lot of crap from the local"pretty boys"


The crowd watched in grim satisfaction as Mrs. Lewis finished her last knot. At last, the city was free from the terror of the blind armless mugger.

Linux fan

"Miss, I really don't appreciate the tying me up, the blindfolding I could do without too, and what is that you're pushing into my-- OH GOD! IT'S POOINTY!"


"Stupid worthless gimp!!! You weren't supposed to go bald until i hit menopause!"

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