Craptions Classics August 25, 2006

Bob inhaled deeply. Perhaps a little TOO deeply.


Other Craptions

In other news, a man is found who has yet to give his opinion on the Iraq war.


"Sir, is it true that you suffer both from claustrophobia and agoraphobia?"


Ok, the next thing I am going to tell you is stictly off the record...


Dan from CNN snickered, he had a boner and there was nothing Amy from Channel 4 could do about it.

b Stabby

"Feed him the red ones! He likes those"

"More red sponges!"


Unfortunately, Mr. Jonas was unaware that the word "niggardly" is often misconstrued in this day and age.


The reporters froze, waiting in anticipation for Mr. Hun to break the first rule of fight club.


Sir, how does it feel to be elected Magnetic North Pole of the Earth?

Linux fan

Mr. Calloway, a legend to other reporters, loathed himself for ever signing that first microphone.


George wondered if anyone could smell it yet.


Mr. Johnson's resemblance to Tupac Shakur had proved a nuisance whenever he went out in public.


"Yes, yes. I know you've been waiting and it turns out the rumors are true. Mr. Timberlake has INDEED brought sexy back, and for that his country thanks him."

Chuck Vanderbilt

"i did NOT have sexual relations with that woman!"


While all the reporters were paying attention to some bussiness-dude, Edwardo decided it would be a good time to barf all over the video camera next to him.

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