Craptions Classics August 24, 2006

Dissatisfied with the umpire's decisions, the batter calls his next shot.


Other Craptions

Pedro could barely hold back his tears of shame, and a hush fell over the crowd as he showed the umpire where Mr. Steinbrenner had touched him.


- You're out!
- So are you!

Linux fan

The umpire ran out of energy in mid-call. It was up to Taylor to flip the switch to his reserve battery.


"There's NO WAY I'm singing the national anthem into THAT!"


Umpire: Don't make me put my foot in your ass!

Batter: Who cares about your foot? I'm more worried about THAT!


Study carefully. The player's hand is pointing to the umpire's hand, which is pointing to his foot, which if pointing to the player's foot, which is pointing to someone out of view. That is the murderer.


You're kicking me out of the game because i hit THAT?! It's so small I should have gotten a RUN for it!


It was clearly obvious that even the umpires were taking steroids in Major League Baseball


"and you tell me I'M small....."


"No, according to Newtom's Third Law, it has keep its mass." "Are you shitting me?


Ha ha Mr. Umpire.
You have no skin on your dick...ha ha haaa

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