Craptions Classics August 21, 2006

Shen braced himself as Kiang farted for the first time in his entire life.


Other Craptions

amazingly, Lennys scooter still conformed with Chinese pollution regulations.


3 bottles of Diet coke and a tube of Mentos later and Taiwan had their first person in space.

Spunk Bot

Chen panicked when the magic genie appeared. He doesn’t know why he said “reverse Mohawk”, but that’s what he said, and that’s what he got.


Wong demonstrates his masterful jackhammer skills by taking out an entire flock of pigeons in seconds flat.

Senor Taco

After being an eyesore for decades, the homeless old man was finally demolished.


When Orgasms go wrong.


The world bean burrito-eating champion never actually had a victory dance, but this was pretty close.


Conniving dyslexic (dark glasses), Willy Wong shoved the grenade into his trowsers and threw the key at leftist police. It was the last time Willy did the right thing wrong.

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