Craptions Classics August 19, 2006

Thanks to his destraction, the giant sea urchin was able to pass by unnoticed.

Celestial Badger

Other Craptions

I know you guys keep saying it's a BMX biker but I think that cloud totally looks like a bunny.


Even as Jim balanced a manned bicycle on his forehead, his lazy friends lay idly by, unimpressed.


The man on the right was none other than Jim Phillips, professional participator.


Due to the high incidence of injury, "cock-hopping" has yet to be introduced into the Summer X-Games.

The Pot

At that moment, Zacharias Zelman resolved that the "Super Stunt Extreme Action Team Supreme" would no longer be lining up alphabetically.

Proud Anselmo

Parker tried counting BMXers like the others suggested, but he still couldn't fall asleep.

Linux fan

I can't believe you missed all five of them!


Ray woke from his nightmare only to find that bike was still attached to his head and now it had some idiot trying to pedal it.


Billy removed his shirt to show NO FEAR.
Little did he realize that Mohels often perfomed with a razor bladed tyre.
At the other extreme Bobby tightened his helmet, knowing that the moyel would loose accuracy as his bike flew past.


exactly 1.4 secconds into the jump Tom became shockingly aware of his miscalculation. In the brief time before impact he pondered on how blissful ignorance must be.


Tom tried to bring all his weight down on guy #4's balls. He was always a total dick like that.

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