Craptions Classics August 18, 2006

The black businessman looked at the 90mph baseball with disdain. He knew his fat, white slave would break his fingers to stop it.


Other Craptions

The crowd looked away uncomfortably as the player gave his biggest fan a diving blow-job.


Today's game is sponsored by: Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, A Yankee Humping a Fencepost and Bank of America.

Linux fan

Sick of throwing fouls, the pitcher starts throwing shortstops.

Senor Taco

Ted Kennedy glanced around with growing concern. Uniformed blowjobs? Hurled projectiles? Minorities? One thing was for sure: this wasn't the Senate chambers. This wasn't the Senate chambers at all.


The crowd looked on in horror as the hydraulic fence system claimed another victim.


A nerd with bitch tits gets the ball, one of the players tries to escape to a real sport and half the crowd just want to give someone head.

Baseball - the game for fuckwits everywhere.

El G

Not pictured: A Red Sox fan on the receiving end.


Greg knew his ability to walk through fences would come in handy someday, and this time, he'd be the hero.

Super Fabulous
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