Craptions Classics August 17, 2006

then it all fell into place. the laxatives on the table. the cake his wife made him. the smile on her face when she dropped him at the olympics...the bitch would pay


Other Craptions

Cautiously, Brian opened his eyes. His orgasm had been incredible, but something had gone horribly wrong.

We Gonna Chant Down this Evil Fuckery

The drought's impact was felt most at the high diving championships


it turns out you cant hold it in for a month !

sum other guy

Unsatisfied with the puny impact of their Katyusha rockets, Hezbollah began firing Lebanese citizens instead.

Tollbooth Willy

With horror Gordon realized those weren't steriods that he had taken.


You wanna know where I'll be when diarrhea hits? Right HERE, motherfucker!!


Paul tried to fight it, but he had a terrible case of the hedgehog-foots.

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