Craptions Classics August 14, 2006

"Going on this ninja safari was the worst idea you ever had. Why I can't even see any -- HOLY SHIT!!!"

It's been done

Other Craptions

The insurance company never believed his "three ninjas suddenly fell out of the sky" claim.


Due to certain miscommunications, the Japanese didn't understand that you don't dive into the carpool.


Due to budget cuts, Korea's highway patrol had to resort to inventive methods of stopping speeders


The end to this game of tag was particularly epic.


In Soviet Russia, pedestrian hits YOU.

El Peto

Sales of foreign cars were down in Tokyo due to consumer loyalty, the high quality of Japanese automobiles, and Toyota's roving bands of ninja death squads.


GTA: Rice City.


____--- NINJA ---
----------(_o o_)----------
----------- |||||||||| -----------
____--- X-ING ---

Linux fan

"...low humidity, a slight chance of ninjas and highs of around 38 degrees centigrade..."


as they turned on the improbability drive... the trampoline suddenly turned into a car...



Senor Taco

"I've had it up to here with all these asian stereotypes!" Cho said as she put her car in reverse and crashed into a wall.

Joe Pants

Phil tried to remain calm. After all, it is common knowledge that, if not acknowledged, ninjas would soon lose interest and go back to punching pieces of plywood that can't defend themselves.


In china, car repossessions are taken seriously.

accusync man
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