Craptions Classics August 13, 2006

The terrorists rode into Washington D.C. unnoticed. Yosef's idea of mispelling "bomb" on the suicide bombers' sweatshirts had allowed them to slip right past homeland security.


Other Craptions

After it's smash hit pilot, everyone wanted to be a racist power ranger.


Thoughtfully, the mob reversed the letters on the front of their shirts so cars in front would know to get out of the way.


If I could describe the internet in one picture?


As the most safety-conscious member of his gang, Rico never went anywhere without buckling his seat belt.

Dead Uncle Fred

The light-sensitive peoples of the world have come out today to show their disdain towards the sun by shooting it.

le douche

Jaleem hung his head. No one had commented on his new red bike. Sometimes, he wondered why he bothered.


The Islamic section of the gay pride parade just didn’t fit in with the rest.


"We are the ghosts of terrorism's past"


One does not simply ride into Lebanon!

Really Bored

BOM Pizza promises "Delivery in 30 minutes or your watch is fast".


Pssst. I think I spelled it wrong.


What the remake of Birth of a Nation lacked in style it made up for in mad motorcycle chases.


With their faces masked, the only thing that could reveal their identity were their license plates...


"Good thing Tim brought that flag, else nobody would know what we are about!"

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