Craptions Classics August 11, 2006

After weeks of searching, the hunters had finally found and caught the world's only dancing cowboy silhouette. The contract with iPod would be theirs.


Other Craptions

Sorry for the delay. PWOT High Powered Crotch lights are finally in stock.


Billy the kid was pleasantly surprised with his latest heist. He had managed to rob the bank, steal a horse, have 3 fingers of whisky and ride off into the sunset before the sherrif could tie his new 10 foot long shoe laces


- Oh no! His groin is going nova! Pull the plug! Pull the plug!
- I told you this was a bad idea!

Linux fan

Even the cowboys, with their fancy rope tricks, couldn't catch the gingerbread man.


Earl rode through the time portal just in time to stop his older brother's fatal jump rope accident.


The tiny horseman would have to confuse the giants into wrangling each other. Strength alone could not win this day.


Bob never did anything by half measures. When he tied his shoes, he tied his shoes.


Bubba and Clint were resolute: Jimbo's obsession with Riverdance had to be stopped.

Proud Anselmo

Ahhh ahhh! Get it off me!


Jumproping isn't manly no matter how many hats you wear.

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