Craptions Classics August 09, 2006

January 31, 1961: The Americans successfully launch a chimpanzee into space. Cuba's space program, on the other hand, continues to be plagued by problems.

Dead Uncle Fred

Other Craptions

In springtime, a young man's fancy thoughts turns to love. By the time autumn rolls around, though, a young man's thoughts are best kept to himself.


Mrs. Parker frowned as she looked out the window. Her son was playing with that foreign-looking neighbor kid again.

Linux fan

At last, the Goat's cunning plan to get Steve to take off his delicious looking shoes was complete.


Brian was shocked at how much his best friend had changed since moving away. At least they still had the trampoline in common.




I thought those mushrooms tasted funny


In one year, Jose had gone from USA trampoline champion to this....where had it all gone wrong?


HOLY SHIT! there's a kid on our trampoline

sum other guy

Carlos thought his brother looked a little different but he couldn't put his finger on it...


And without warning the dance began.

Super Fabulous
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