Craptions Classics August 07, 2006

Fucking hell Lao, Its been half an hour since you scored the goal, want to get on with the game now?


Other Craptions

The monkapult was operating perfectly, but then the enemy moved the wall. Again.


Though God wanted him up in Heaven right now, Jimmy held on for dear life to stay with his friends.


So this Buddhist monk walks into a bar...


Yang slapped his forehead. He forgot to bring the matches.

Linux fan

Buddhist training camp:
6am prayers
8am ritual chanting
10am Moon Jesus and God for having a pitiful religion
12:30pm lunch


Wong knew that if waited long enough, he would eventually emerge from a coccon, and prove that really WAS a butterfly who dreamed he was a Chinese philosopher.

Master Cho

Jews historically know how to hang people. Buddhists could never quite figure out how it was done.


Rotisserie Child would surely please the gods.


Kang discovered the hard way the repercussions of digging a hole to China


Tibetan kids traveled miles to the region's only playground, where just one play structure was present, making the lines intense.

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