Craptions Classics August 04, 2006

It 1921 the city of Titanic was founded. They claimed it was unsinkable. The fools.

Chab Gassie

Other Craptions

The mayor was nervous. Hopefuly no one would notice that the street wasn't suposed to do that.


"Our new Stealth Church will leave people baptized and with no loose change in their pockets before they know what hit them".


SURVIVOR: Monopoly Board

...landing on Water Works wasn't nearly as bad as landing on Electric Company in the new reality show.


Sadly, the sprinkler system was scheduled at the same time as Westwood High's daring live-action recreation of The Evolution of Man.


The children's laughter became quieter and quieter as the bleach fountains slowly drained color and happiness out of the world.

Linux fan

the french really have taken this whole bidet thing too far.


Luckily, the land mines were filled with Kool-Aid.


Luckily, enough people had seen the movie 'Signs' that the disaster was avoided.

Super Fabulous

What they don't know is that's not water


thats not water...


TOP: Kids are playing in water fountains

BOTTOM: Men having a major masturbation orgy

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