Craptions Classics August 03, 2006

Lee and Kim tried to look busy while their civilisation upgraded to the industrial age, but it was hard to get motivated when they knew a robot would soon be able to chop lumber ten times as fast as they ever could.


Other Craptions

"I told you those blue lines were just for reference."

"Shut up, Chao, just shut up."


Ancient Chinese secret #42...Accupuncture can fix anything

Rat Boy

Smiling at his own cleverness, Wang slowly used less and less effort until his hands were simply resting on the cart.


Startled by the sound of the handcart's squeaky wheel, the easily-startled Spiny Puffer Pagoda activates its only defense mechanism.

Jacque Coustarde

Chinese Censors left little that resembled the original "Mario Kart".


With a sudden sinking feeling, Chao realized that he and Wang were too late. The Forbidden Palace had already been assimilated by the Borg.

Dead Uncle Fred

Hong decides to take his pet manpushingacart out for a walk.

Senor Taco

The Hotdog cart shot out its tongue and captured some more "raw ingredients"


The monks chuckled as the increasingly more nervous delivery guys helplessly circled around the temple. 5 more minutes and the pizzas would be free.

Linux fan

Sign reads: Due to popular demand, communism is now under repair.

no italics

It takes a lot longer to build a McDonalds in China. A lot longer.

Mr K

By the time the architect realised that those lines on the plans were just for reference, it was too late...


not only did the invisible emperor want a temple built in his honor, he had to be driven around in his rickshaw


"One more handcart-full of lincoln logs ought to finish this off", thought Shen. "The rope will just be the icing on the cake!"

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