Craptions Classics August 02, 2006

"seriously, the centre of my T-shirt is an inter-dimensional vortex through which... Look here comes another one!!"


Other Craptions

Jeff could barely keep a straight face looking at the ridiculous outfit the young girl was wearing.


It had taken him nearly fourty years to develop the tolerance to survive it, but Harold had finally achieved his life's ambition of being the highest person ever.


Bob was there to warn people not to fuck with space-time continuum


Tommy Lee Jones takes a fistful of acid to show Mel Gibson how a real man acts crazy.


The reason why parents dress children and not the other way around.


Here at E-Harmony, we math you to your partner through the 29 deepest compatibilty levels.


Lord Bernard had finally reached the peak of goth-hood, that level of goth so dark, black clothing is irrelivant.


And nobody ever noticed he wasn't wearing pants...


It's hard to compete for attention with dancing, pipe-smoking palm trees.

Linux fan

And the great LSDini brings his Chia Pet to life!


George Clinton sought to achieve mulit-generational success by 1)ditching his blackness and 2)showing people that vultures really aren't that bad, especially when they're young.


As the crowd was distracted by some hobo, the henderson's could all let down their zippers, the great relief was to come


see my hat, see my hat, made from the neighbour's car, but chicken feather mittens would be best...


World of Warcrafts New class The Dwarven Hippie

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