Craptions Classics August 01, 2006

After numerous complaints from grieving families, Sergeant Larry was no longer to bring his acoustic guitar to notify families of their soldiers' deaths.


Other Craptions

Stacey knew God hated her when instead of receiving the standard Angel/Devil conscience package she received the folk-singing-marine/chain-smoking-bitch conscience package.


After years of intense therapy, Maggie had very nearly overcome her fears of the military, black people, and folk music. But when she met her new roommates, she realized she had picked the wrong fucking day to quit smoking.


Stacey flinched again, she knew somewhere in the room, someone was playing guitar, but their camoflage was just too perfect.


Henrietta was pleasantly stoned, and didn't care, but for Jill, the 315th chorus of "Eye of the Tiger" made her want to die.

Charleton Heston

For some reason, the woman wasn't dying. Mark checked to see if he left the safety on.

Senor Taco

After the papers had published this picture, nobody could deny the torturing by US soldiers in prison camps.

Cura Kora

Basic Training has changed over the years, but it hasn't become any less difficult.


"G.I Joe: The musical" failed to draw a large audience.


Annie knew her sisters crack habit was getting worse when she said she could see Tom Morello.


A social worker's office tends to be a confusing, confusing place.


After a brief folk vs. rap battle, the folk singer tried to rap, while the rapper tried to play folk guitar. The emo child was left alone


After severe, recurring hallucinations about a yuppie and a country-singing soldier, Sally went cold turkey on her LSD.


Christine had gone to the army base looking for some action. Of course she'd found the one guy in the whole camp, nay, the whole world, with a fetish for playing folk music while his mother watched. Awkward didn't even begin to encompass it.


Usually, the spirits of one's murdered parents urge the person to avenge their deaths. The ghosts of Lauren's mother and father, on the other hand, were content with simply singing cheerful songs to their daughter and following her wherever she went.

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