Craptions Classics July 30, 2006

After the defeat of Skeletor, He-Man really began to let himself go.


Other Craptions

After all the hype, the coming of the Anti-christ was a bit of a letdown.


Richard stared at them in admiration. Wearing a pink shirt was as far as he allowed himself to go.


"Dude, there's no way in hell I'm going out dressed like--wait, did you just say free beer?"

Mr K

He knew the beer tasted funny, but only now did he realise it was cursed. Everybody's right arm was disappearing!


He could run from Dr. Bling, but with a costume like that, he could never hide.


Suddenly, Bondageman's handy sense started tingling furiously. His archnemesis, The Masturbator, was close.

Linux fan


Michael Bolten cancels concert at last minute! His whereabouts unknown......


"That was the best Limp Biskit concert I've ever been to!"


Room 3 were proud to show-off their medals at the special olympian home-coming parade.


After his revealing photo was circulated around the holonet, Obi Wan was more then happy to toll Anakin into the lava.

Zombie Hobbit

say one more word and i'll dip my foot in aids shove my big toe up your ass!


"Getting Gay With Kids is here..."

Whacky Boy
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