Craptions Classics July 27, 2006

Lt. Dirk smiled smugly to himself. The 30-foot-tall child molester was sure to take the bait - and when he did, the 301st Laddershirt Brigade would be there to catch him.


Other Craptions

Peter misunderstands his orders to establish a "puppet government."

Mr K

Little Jenny admired her daddy's thoughtfulness, but deep inside, she knew it was probably the most disturbing brithday gift ever.

le douche

The puppet masters could never manage the marionette’s bladder control problem


The giant puppet may be interesting, thought Trevor as he fiddled with his yellow gloves, but holy crap, just look at this kickass pillar.

Linux fan

"There are ten thousand ways I can destroy mankind. This is one of them."


Just then Pinocchia realized she would never blend in. She should have gone with the red dress.


harold was blissfully unaware of the wooden puppet death machine that was approching him


Link stared at the giant puppet. out of all of the puppets Ganendorf made, this one was one big Asshole!!!

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