Craptions Classics July 25, 2006

When Kashif arrived at the militia potluck, he was disappointed to discover he had brought the same thing as everyone else.


Other Craptions

Everybody sighed as Achmed made yet another penis joke.


Over-dressed with his formal rainbow ascot and arriving without a standard RPG gift, Jalal sighed. It seemed social awkwardness followed where ever he went.

mr mcmurder

The iraqi olympics were about to get messy as the contenders stepped up to select their javelins.

willy wonka

"Ok, so did anybody actually bring a launcher?"


It's hard to come by a game of "Jenga" out in the Middle East, so you gotta get creative.


The leader of the rainbow coallition rolled his eyes, "Sure they'll explode, but will they be FAaaaaBULOUS?"


"Hey! We can use these things as clubs to hit our enemies!"

Captain Jihad

"What'd you mean we're only allowed one?"


"Welcome contestants, to 'Survivor: Insurgency'. For your first challenge, you must build a shelter out of live ammunition. Begin."


Little did they know, that with a little lube, this was going to be the best militia night ever.


::sigh:: You guys really need to check your e-mail. I sent out a memo specifically stating that it is RED beret day.


Can you guess which One of these Venezulan officers is a Colombian spy?


Anybody up for lawn darts?

Mr. Mad
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