Craptions Classics July 24, 2006

Earl finally discovered a surefire way to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing.

sheep romancer

Other Craptions

Flossie fell 300 feet to the ground, ejecting her priceless memories on a black disc moments before impact.

Breathing Meat

No matter how many times New Zealanders explained rugby to the Americans, they just didn't get it.


This husband and wife team from New Zealand are the frisbee world champions.


Like most Scottish love stories, this one began with a nervous sheep and a well-thrown lead disc to the head.


Observing the pictures he shot today, Dave was furious to notice a micro-sheep had been stuck on the lens... again.


Getting the frisbee to float is easy,
throwing the sheep to catch it, now that's the tricky part.


Just then, the LSD kicked in.


the frisbee paused.
the sheep was back.


i hate the ones which are always like" then the LSD kicked in" or "he shouldn't have taken that last dose of LSD" they're really not funny....


If you look closely, you can spot the man in the background controlling the "Hover-Sheep"

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