Craptions Classics July 23, 2006

Using just a net, a gigantic partially-deflated balloon, and his comically-massive penis, MacGuyver ripped a hole in the space-time continuum.


Other Craptions

With all the public toilets out of order, Alfred Hitchcock was forced to go behind the giant balloon.


Ben Affleck's publicist subtlely removed him from the incriminating photo.


Jonny's mother had refused to cut the umbilical cord when he was born, meaning he had to follow her to every stupid baloon exhibition for the rest of his life.

willy wonka

"Maybe it will take a while to fill this balloon with my urine, but it will be the BEST prank ever"


Doc Oc just wasn't as menacing after the parade balloon accident.


"Take THAT, Garfield!"


Lenny became sad when the charlie brown balloon popped.

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