Craptions Classics July 20, 2006

Sergei commanded his dog to quit Stalin and to start Russian over the Ostacles. He began to Trotsky over the platforms, but because he was blindfolded he didn't notice that one was lenin dangerously to the side.


Other Craptions

Russia anticipates that future battlefields will resemble the "tree" levels in Super Mario Bros.


With his camoflage, the dog sneaks by unseen.


Due to decades of cumbersome Soviet bureaucracy, animal euthanasia in Russia has become an outrageously over-complicated affair.


Only the most agile and intuitive of Australian dingos are worthy of becoming furry Russian hats.

Chab Gassie

With help from his seeing-eye communist, the dog learned to climb stairs again.


Boris seethed with jealousy. He just knew the dog was going to get promoted ahead of him again.

Linux fan

Russian film names sometimes have misleading titles, as shown by this scene from "Blindfolds, Bitches, and Bars".

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