Craptions Classics July 19, 2006

Maybe he did overreact to the spider, but better safe than sorry.


Other Craptions

Carl's strides had gotten ridiculous as he ran as fast as he could. The goddamn bike was racing him on its side. Arrogant bastard.

mr mcmurder

Having a narcoleptic motorbike has its drawbacks.

Linux fan

The male biker cacawed. It had found its prey.

Michael M.

Gary lept over the motorcycle that lay on the marathon track. This shit was exactly why he wore a padded suit and helmet in the first place.


The Honda RC211V's one design flaw was the placement of the eject button beside the ignition.

Stevie Wonder

Bill was warned not to put cards in his spokes. Now he knew why.


I'll NEVER win the race with this heavy motorcycle weighing me down...


With cat-like reflexes, the motorcycle ducked the jumping kick, then readied his counter-attack on his opponant's unguarded genitals.


"I still don't understand why they say I'm a complicated person", he thought as he got on his bike.


This is why ninjas are never allowed to race. They decide to have kung-fu fights against their fucking bikes.


"Ow, I think I bit my tongue."

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