Craptions Classics March 27, 2011

Somebody's windshield is in for a big surprise.


Other Craptions

"Thanks anyway Hawkman, but there's no need to carry me to the hospital. I'll just die here comfortable in my own sexuality."

Thomas Calnan

Robin's new costume choice wasn't gonna go over well with Batman.


You see kids, when you touch a baby bird, their mothers don't want them anymore, so they grow up like this.


Some bald men will go to great lengths to draw people's attention away from their head.


I don't know which is worse: Bumping into my physics professor, or the fact that we were dressed the same.


"There he is! That's the asshole who shit on my statue!"

Thomas Calnan

"Dad, I'm a Demon trapped in a man's body and I just have to be me." "Ah Jesus Christ, son, couldn't you just be gay instead?"


When you want to be a Hell's Angel, but can't afford a motorcycle.


Lucifer's son, Larry, thought that by escaping from Hell up to Earth he would leave behind the relentless teasing and ridicule of his appearance. He was wrong.


The Victor's Secret franchise only had this one devoted customer, yet, they managed to stay in business, just fine.


If you want the Christian right to stop demonizing gays, you should probably start asking the question "Should I wear this" before you step out the door.


"Larry, you shouldn't take that Red Bull slogan seriously..."


"I am Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, First of the Fallen, Scion of Evil, Lord of Arts and Crafts! Fear me!"


If this guy offers you any "forbidden fruit", run.

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