Craptions Classics February 07, 2006

Florida has been long criticized for its handling of black votes.


Other Craptions

The leaflet campaign to end littering had somehow backfired horribly.


The original Information Superhighway was not as widely traveled as the most recent.


Hey boss! Filing's done! Fuckhead!

Chab Gassie

Although it was for a good cause, some people found Greenpeace's "Save the trees" campaign a tad hypocritical.


FedEx guarantees a 99.9% safe delivery of your documents.

This is the 0.01% exception.


Jerome was beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to have airships drop leaflets on the day of his his "Me and Me alone" Parade.


"The black guy did it"


Finally, after years of economic aid, Somalia's first public library.


When the Staples airplane crashed over El Paso, John didn't have the heart to tell the rest of the town the truth. They'd always wanted a snow day.


Moments after jamal had finished jay-walking he was maliciously beaten by the cops, and then arrested for littering.


How Google operates in Africa


Just keep walking, no one knows a thing. They can't prove it, just keep going, casually now...


"this paper trail sure as hell better lead to some embezellment soon..."

Chestor Talvez

The first black resident in the Hamptons ever. And all the leaflets warning of his moving in...

Cracker Jack
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