Craptions Classics July 13, 2006

No, dammit, I said bring a checkered FLAG!


Other Craptions

Steve, pull your pants up. You look ridiculous.


B4... Damn, you sank my nipple.

Linux fan

Somebody had accidentally left a tablecloth in the Teleporter, and now Dr. Morrison was paying dearly for it.

Haschel Cedricson

Damn, my hands are cold. Why didn't I paint gloves?

Born Toulouse-Lautrec

OH, I see it now. You have to stare at it for a while. It's an idiot in a cowboy hat, right?


Chess-playing supercomputer Deep Blue had finally attained Texan form.

JP Chabot

"And there will come a man painted in blue and white and he shall wear upon his head a cowboy hat, and lo, the people shall not give a fuck." -Hiobs 44:17

Empty can

"I wonder if this hat makes me look stupid."


kristoff had perfected the urban camouflage. now all he needed was a blue and white chequered urban area


Lady:About 6' 2", 170 pounds, he had one of those Soul Patch things, no shirt, cowboy hat and boots.
Cop:Any other distinguishing features? Tatoos maybe?
Lady:hmmm... no, nothing that I can think of.


Interracial child of a member of the Blue Men Group.


Checkers Man models his new flesh gloves.


When Billy was in 1st grade his art project was a hit with his peers. But now the only job he can get is a rodeo clown.


Filled with a new confidence, Mel prepared to go ask Paula on a date.

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