Craptions Classics July 11, 2006

When Jim had his hand turned into a lamp, he thought he had it bad. Then he saw Kevin and his building head.


Other Craptions

Having forgotten the keys, Todd desperately tries to enter his apartment via osmosis.

Linux fan

Harry couldn't help feeling a little uncomfortable whenever he used bathroom nine-and-three-quarters.


Ray never knew what to do when someone asked him for a light. Today, he came fully prepared.


You are standing outside the Wong building.
Somebody has spraypainted SPASE onto a wall.
There is a lone zombie here.

Possible actions:
Attack -the zombie
with -lamp (40%, 3 dam)

Empty can

Dave slowly moonwalked away from the scenen of the crime.


No good porn starts this way.


John hid his head, hoping not to be seen. A man who could piss lamps and fart wrought iron was a man to be feared.


Early experiments with teleporter technology resulted in a few unfortunate results.


Trust me, narcolepsy stops being funny right about the time people start shoving furniture up your ass.


The lamps for guns campaign seemed like a good idea until the city began to see some very... strange murders.


Not only had Jaques found the place in France where the naked laides dance, he'd found the hole in the wall where you could see it all.


Harold´s superpowers found the most inoportune moment to go away.


The Building Gushers have a less desirable affect than the fruit Gushers.

Dean III

Here we see a perfect example of the dangers of quantum physics. Not only has this poor man quantum tunneled partway into a solid wall, but this onlooker has a random object implanted in his groin.

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