Craptions Classics February 19, 2011

This woman did more for the anti-drug movement in 4 minutes than D.A.R.E. did in 20 years.


Other Craptions

Bill didn't give a donation when the show was done. When we looked again, Bill was gone, and the box held THREE puppets.


Sorry Cathleen, you should have stuck with prostitution. It's the more respectable of the two professions.


The mime on the next corner can't figure out why the people seem happy to see him today.


Alanis thought it was quite ironic that she'd been reduced to this. Of course, she still didn't know what the word meant, so she was still wrong.


You poke fun, but how else is she going to earn the money to feed her 200 cats back home?


All the kids used to laugh and make fun of Anna. But after years of hard work and practice, their kids laugh and make fun of Anna.


As is common with some women, she claims there's no strings attached.


See? Sometimes crushing a childhood dream IS the right thing to do.


There are times where you are forced to ask yourself where you went wrong in life. They usually happen long, long before this.


Do you ever wonder if we're just puppets, and some hippy with an accordion is controlling us? Man. I'm baked.


I call this next song "Left at the Altar"


It's actually worse than you think. She's playing Mama Mia.


Mama's got a squeeze box, Daddy always weeps at night.


Actually, she works crowd control for the city. When they need to clear people out of an area, they bring her in to perform.

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