Craptions Classics February 18, 2011

Here's one stone. You know what to do.

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

Say what you like about the Roman Empire but the half time show at the Colosseum was frickin' awesome


How these guys fight crime I'll never know.


800 pokemon later, they just gave up.


For the love of God, will someone just show him how to get to Sesame Street already!?


The Trojans will NEVER suspect this one!


Good thing both eagle heads have crowns on; otherwise, this would've made no sense.


I asked PETA and they said it was okay to kill you.

Thomas Calnan

Why people who play dungeons and dragons shouldn't procreate with people who go to Renaissance fairs.


This is what arises when you mix the ashes of two phoenixes into one pile.


THIS is why we have to be careful of inbreeding when we try and rescue the bald eagle population.


Strangely, the head on the left side is a Republican.


Why did the two-headed demon chicken cross the road? To spill the blood of infants and begin a thousand years of terror.


"What do you mean THIS is the double eagle Tiger Woods nailed on the 14th hole back at Augusta?"

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