Craptions Classics February 17, 2011

Much like how a broken clock is right twice a day, this horse statue occasionally has the correct facial expression for the situation.


Other Craptions

The Pigeon Mafia makes it's point clear


Putting superglue on statues in the park was the best idea I've ever had.


Apparently, the fourth pigeon fancied himself a horse proctologist.


... and yet when I perch atop a statue and drop a deuce, it's all screams and police beatings.


Alfred Hitchcock originally filmed “The Birds” with Mr. Ed as the male lead. But poor screening reviews convinced him to recast the role.


This use to be a statue of Black Beauty.


That horse's name is Ho Ming, making the birds Ho Ming's Pigeons. (Please don't hurt me. I was dropped on my head a lot as a kid.)


"Ok, after three- lift!"


"Kind of an elaborate bird bath, Dave."


Nelly was really struggling with her recent move to the city. She could deal with horse flies out in the country, but these urban horse pigeons were driving her insane.


And somehow, 3 hours later -- Pegasus was born!


The new Animal Farm movie took quite some liberties with the plot.


"Son it's time you heard about the birds and the bees... and the horses... and coprophilia... it's gonna be a long conversation son. Take a seat."

Thomas Calnan

Flicka had the same look on her face when the birds told her how glue was made as I did when my parents told me where babies really come from.

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