Craptions Classics February 16, 2011

Historians don't know much about it, since this is the only mummy they found from the Fabulous ages.


Other Craptions

I was best man at this guys welding.


Strangely, in Braille this says 'Dry clean only'.


Skynet unveils its newest model-the T1000-GAGA


Tim Burton's doing a remake of Wizard of Oz? Awesome! Johnny Depp is the Tin Man? Cool! I wonder what he's gonna look like? Oh....I see.


Although many suspected his WD40 addiction was to blame, the Tin Man’s autopsy showed that he actually died from an advanced case of washer cancer.


Add one good sized bolt and a couple of nuts, and the thing could be anatomically correct.


Sir Ian McKellen’s original Magneto costume.


We call the disease Spaghettiosis. It first attacks the limbs, head, and crotch, and then moves to the torso.


he's got washer-board abs.

William Chase Mitchel

Washer? I don't even know her.


Kirk totally hit that


Tim the Tool Man Taylor died from a horrible hardware accident when he converted a high powered nail gun into a super powered washer gun. His long time assistant, Al Borland, was inconsolable due to hysterical laughter.


The mannequin small pox epidemic of 1998 crippled the retail fashion industry and nearly put Bloomingdales out of business.

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