Craptions Classics July 10, 2006

When Ronald says that no one taller than this is allowed in the ball pit, he fucking means it.


Other Craptions

If you look closely, you will see the subtle McDonalds product placement in the Silent Hill movie.


McDonald's first attempt at drive-thru service was not a complete success.


Well played Burger King, but now it was Ronald's move, and he wasn't going to hold back anymore...


Even though they looked stupid, the +100 Fire Resistance boots had worked.

Lance Awesome

Ronald looked upon the smoldering corpses of his employees with indescribable sorrow in his eyes. Yet, he knew that the urge to kill would come again....


Ronald laughed to hide the pain. The Hamburglar had been defeated... but at what cost?


Terrorists decides to attack america where it REALLY hurts


As the newest recruit to the X-Men, Ronald was having trouble controlling his powers when he wasn't lovin' it.


Like all of Satan's minions, Ronald is immune to fire.


Ronald can heal too. But he prefers to lay waste. That's just how he rolls.


You must be *THIS* short to commit arson and get away with it.

Linux fan

After the prom, Carrie would be damned if she could not get an egg mcmuffin at 10:30 at night.


Super Size THIS, asshats.

mike hunt

This concludes training video 8-A: Double checking to make sure the drive-thru customer's order is absolutely correct.

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