Craptions Classics February 11, 2011

It was really cruel of them to put this in front of the State Prison.


Other Craptions

It might be free, but they'll kill you on the shipping.


Tibetans now just needed to find enough ink.


EERF is the only name I trust for quality butt plugs.


This sculpture cost the city $100,000.

Thomas Calnan

Not the freedom we were asking for, Mubarak


“It’s my latest piece and it represents all the bureaucracy in this country. I call it Stamp Out Freedom.”


The stamp is fairly harmless but the giant letter-opener has already killed three and injured twelve.

Thomas Calnan

“The first one is always free. But once they get you hooked on stamp collecting, you’ll pay with your money, you’ll pay with your body and you’ll pay with your eternal soul.”


The giant price gun sculpture is way cooler. Plus it's adjustable and stuff.


Ironically, it actually costs $7.95 for a ticket to go inside the art museum.


It takes 80 people just to use the stapler in this park.

Thomas Calnan

"The word free has several meanings, but the main one in this case was designed to parallel the freedom of slaves. So, YES YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY ME FOR IT!”


Money well spent, Cleveland. Way to go.


The Chinese saw this thing and made damn sure to keep it away from Tibet.

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