Craptions Classics February 08, 2011

During the Great Depression, speed bump was actually a highly coveted and well respected job.


Other Craptions

To his credit, passing out drunk in the street was around long before cars.


This model has all the options. Not only is there a dead hobo on the bumper, but there's a dead hooker in the trunk as well.


And THAT was the second time I failed my driver's test.


"My name is Inigo Toyota. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"


Trevor would regret getting all up in Henry Ford's grill.


"In the old days, you could kill one bum per car, and that's why it's called a bumper, son."


Hmm... my brakes seem to be screaming.

Thomas Calnan

“If you can think of a better way to test the durability of coveralls, I’d love to hear it.”


Every morning in Ireland, the street-sweepers clean up after the night before.


Earlier designs for car brakes soon left a shortage of hobos.


Confucius say: Man who lay in front of moving car, get tired.


History's first (wait for it... wait for it......) BRAKE DANCER.


“Lorraine, you’re taking the kids away from me in that car over my dead body. Ha, Ha, very funny Lorraine, starting the engine doesn't scare me. Did you just put it in gear? Uh oh.”


Thinking quickly the car put a gun in the man's hand and told the cops it was self defense.

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