Craptions Classics February 04, 2011

“Mr. Goodyear, I am having a real hard time believing that your son built his science project all by himself.”


Other Craptions

If there was only a way to destroy this all in 31 seconds.


From the engineers that brought you the Titanic.

Thomas Calnan

You can't stop me from smoking in here! What are you, a nazi?!

Thomas Calnan

I say we fill it with hydrogen. What could go wrong?


When it came to pleasing his wife, Howard Hughes spared no expense.

William Chase Mitchel

There is a thermal exhaust But the whole thing's going to be filled with hydrogen, so just shoot it anywhere.


"How did your cat get up there anyway?"


"No, I mean it Johnny. Your parents got you the best erector set I have ever seen."




Teddy Roosevelt's attempts at an air force were unsuccessful yet undeniably awesome.


More people actually died building the Hindenburg then when it later blew up.


“Hey Tom, when you asked me if I wanted to get high, this is not what I had in mind. NOW GET ME THE FUCK DOWN!”


"The construction is coming along great but some of the guys and I were talking... Shouldn't there be a really big door somewhere in this building?"


"Hey, Steve! Are you as egg-cited as I am to be part of this project? This is egg-actly what I--" "Shut the fuck up, Harry."

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